Sensvana Natural Organic Shower Gel Customize



Sensvana Natural Organic Shower Gel Customize

Shower gel customization is as easy as 1, 2 and 3.

Here are the steps on how to customize?

Step 1:
Choose one menu from “NOURISH YOUR SKIN WITH”.


Choose the fragrance (ADD A TOUCH OF) of your choice


Type in the name, if this shower gel is for you then you can type in your name. Otherwise, as a gift type in the your friends, relative name.

Only 22 characters are allow in the name.

250ml/8.4 fl oz


Apricot Oil :  Sensitive skin and all skin type.

Avocado Oil Extracts: All Skin Type: antioxidant properties, photoprotection and skin repair.

Coconut Oil Extracts: All skin type. Treat your thirsty skin.

Flaxseed: Extra Dry skin. Rich in Omega  3.

Grspeseed Oil Extracts: Sensitive and all skin type.  Rich in Omega 6. Good for repairing stretch marks. Good for acne prone skin.

Hazelnut Oil Extract: Extra Dry Skin. Winter blue, feeling dry skin.

Hemp: All Skin Type. Rich in Omega 6 to Omega 3. Restore your natural skin.

Jojoba: All Skin Type. Lightweight Oil. No oily feeling.  Skin’s best friend.

Olive: All Skin Type. Anti-ageing oil. Good in repairing skin and cushioning daily environment factors

Shea: All Skin Type.  Soothing and good for sun damaged skin. Lightweight texture.

Sweet Almond: All Skin Type. Relieve skin irritation.

Walnut Oil Extract: Dry to Extra Dry Skin.

Wheatgerm Oil Extract: Extra Dry Skin.  High level of natural vitamin E.


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